Angeles Health is at the forefront of new medical developments, always ensuring we are using the most up to date, effective, and safe methods available on all treatment programs.

Our Functional Oncology team works on a highly personalized program for our patients and our philosophy of using the best techniques possible holds true here.

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Bio-immune cellular therapy is the most advanced system of its kind. It involves extraction and manipulation immune system cells (white blood cells), and provides a high concentration of a specific cell line, such as NK cells, dendritic cells or CD34. These cells occur naturally in the human body but increasing them improves, enhances, reinforces and balances the immune response of our patients.  An adequate immune response causes the swift elimination of diseases, including cancer. This therapy is also used for chronic infections, autoimmune disorders and HIV.

It has been proven that cell based immune-therapies are effective for cancer. During treatment immune cells such as dendritic cells, lymphocytes, macrophages, natural killer cells (NK Cell) and cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL), work together to defend the body against cancer and external attacks from bacteria and viruses.

Cancer immunotherapy stimulates the immune system to find and destroy tumors. The majority of cancer patients have a weakened immune system so their body does not detect the progressiont of the disease. Bio-immune cellular therapy alerts a ‘sleepy’ immune system so it can do what it should do naturally: Eliminate disease.

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The Functional Oncology program is based at Angeles hospital in Tijuana

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