Beat cancer together

World Cancer Day gives every organization and individual the opportunity to put right the myths about cancer, so that we can all be better educated the disease and, together, beat it. There are 4 myths targeted in World Cancer Day this year, so we will spend this month dispelling those myths one at a time.



So, We Don’t Need To Talk About Cancer?

  • No one likes to talk about cancer; it can be upsetting for you and others around you. Talking about cancer is also a reminder of just how fragile our health is, and how precious life is. However, talking openly about cancer can improve cancer survival on an individual, group and policy level. So let it all out, talk about your anger, your beliefs. Talk about , survival rates, diets, coping with cancer treatment. Air your hopes and your fears to make the terrible truth about cancer less scary for you and those around you.
  • In many situations, there is a taboo that surrounds cancer, making it tough to talk about. Many people are afraid to tell people that they have cancer for fear of the negative associations that people have for some types of cancer.
  • Most cancers have some misconception about them; about the assumed cause of the disease. Some are embarrassing, meaning that people don’t like to talk about it. Talking about cervical cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, testicular cancer and other cancers that people are embarrassed to talk about can raise awareness of the disease, resulting in earlier diagnosis which could save lives.
  • It’s not the cancer that makes things hard to talk; the changes to the body and the impact on the self-esteem and sexual wellbeing of a person with cancer can be hard to cope with and even harder to talk about. However, by talking about these issues with friend and families people living with cancer will be able to address their concerns and worries, and get the support of their loved ones.
  • As well as affecting you physically and emotionally, cancer can present a challenge to your career as well as being a financial burden. By talking openly about cancer and its effect on a family’s financial situation, we can help others to get help when they need it and offer more security in the work place.

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