cancer screeningThis month we are talking about the 4 biggest cancer myths that were highlighted on February 4th, World Cancer Day.  Having dispelled myth 1: that we don’t need to talk about cancer, let’s take a look at the second biggest cancer myth: There are no signs or symptoms of cancer.

So, are there signs or symptoms of cancer, or do these symptoms become noticeable when it is already too late?

We don’t know all of the warning signs for all cancers. However, for most cancers there are tell-tale warning signs and symptoms. Cancers like breast cancer, cervical cancer, skin cancer, oral cancer, colorectal cancer and some childhood cancers can have quite clear signs. However, cancers such as ovarian cancer and pancreatic cancer do not have distinct symptoms, making them harder to detect until they are quite advanced, hence harder to treat once detected.

How Important Is Early Detection?

Awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer is one of the best ways to beat the disease. By understanding cancer signs and symptoms, you can catch cancer early and the earlier it is detected, the more treatable it is.  By having just one cervical smear between the age of 30 and 40, a woman’s risk of developing cervical cancer is reduced by a third.

In fact, the presentation of symptoms of a cancer has a direct impact on the survival rates for that type of cancer. As a result, as well as trying to raise awareness of the known symptoms, scientists continue to try to find a way of identifying unknown cancer symptoms to help patients to get an earlier diagnosis of the disease, and a better prognosis.

We know that most of us don’t want to talk about cancer, but by talking, and listening, you will learn how to identify cancers. This will make you more likely to detect cancer in its early stages, which will make the disease much easier to treat with less aggressive therapy. So get to know your body, understand the symptoms of chronic diseases like cancer, and get medical advice if you spot any signs or symptoms at all.

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