Our Alternative Cancer Treatment survival rates speak for themselves. Don’t be a statistic; contact us now to see how you can beat the odds.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Survival Rates

The chart highlights the survival rates of stage 4 cancer patients, and compares survival rates between those who had functional oncology treatment and those who had traditional treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery). The outcome data is based on actual functional oncology patients and publicized survival rates from traditional treatment.

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Cancer Survival Rates

We know that our chemo-free Functional Oncology Program is safer and more effective than traditional treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We also know that the 3-year survival rate for the conditions that we treat, such as lung cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer are far higher for patients who undergo our alternative treatment program than those who opt for traditional medicine alone. Your chances of surviving cancer are much higher if you trust the Functional Oncology approach and allow your body to take an active part in getting rid of your cancer and healing your body.

Long Term Survival Rates

It is clear that, in many cases, survival rates more than double with Functional Oncology. We believe that the long-term survival rates for patients who have are so much higher because our treatment targets the cancer whilst encouraging optimal health, whereas traditional methods damage healthy cells as well as the unhealthy ones.

The data shows that functional oncology treatment for cancer provides a higher survival rate when compared to conventional methods of cancer treatment. All findings were reported from the following cohorts of people:

  • 50 breast cancer patients treated with functional oncology.
  • 20 ovarian cancer patients treated with functional oncology.
  • 25 lung cancer patients treated with functional oncology.
  • 30 colorectal cancer patients treated with functional oncology.

Since the above findings have been published, our functional oncology treatment continues to provide outstanding results to our patients. Cancer is a tough opponent, but with the help of Functional Oncology, we think that you can fight it. Learn more about our treatment plans and patient experiences.