For those seeking the most cutting edge and least damaging cancer treatments available, you may be interested in how hyperthermia and ozone therapies work together to fight cancer. Angeles Health’s Oncology program has been a pioneer in integrating therapies which work in succession to reinforce each other, and give patients a better chance at conquering cancer. We have quite a few synergies in our cancer suppression program, but one of the most interesting ones is between ozone and hyperthermia.

Ozone therapy alone has been in use as a cancer treatment for years with moderate success, the combination of induced hyperthermia and ozone treatment creates a powerful effect which helps your body’s immune system identify and remove cancer cells.


Angeles Health Cancer Suppression Hyperthermia and Ozone Explanation

Heat and Ozone Therapy Help Your Immune System Fight Cancer Together

Cancer cells respond to hyperthermic conditions with cellular changes that your body recognizes as “red flags.” When this occurs, it becomes much easier for your immune system to detect the cancerous cells. After ozone treatment, cancer cells become severely weakened, giving your body a fighting chance to remove the cancerous materials before they spread to other locations within your body.

Signal Transduction Produces Cellular Markers on Cancer Cells

When a person experiences an increase in their core temperature, regardless of whether it is induced by fever or through intentional hyperthermic conditions, cancer cells begin to change at the cellular level in a process known as signal transduction. Although many changes take place during this process, the change most relevant to cancer treatment is the development of cellular markers that appear on every cancer cell in the body.

Ultimately, cancers develop in people because their own immune system is unable to identify which cells should be removed from the body. Once these “red flags” are detected, the immune system is able to clearly “see” what work needs to be done, and cancer cells are no longer able to hide.

Leukocytes and Dendritic Cells are More Effective After Hyperthermia is Induced

Two of the most important components of the immune system involved in tumor control are the leukocytes and dendritic cells. Most leukocytes are responsible for locating and marking any cells in need of removal, while dendritic and certain specific leukocytic cells then follow behind, hopefully in large numbers, to kill and remove any cells previously marked for disposal within the body. Hyperthermia increases the effectiveness of this natural process by creating the following changes:

  • Hyperthermic conditions increase the number of tumor antigens – or markers – which leukocytes are able to detect.
  • Cancer cells release chemoattractants which draw additional leukocytes to the area.
  • Hyperthermic conditions increase the activity of dendritic cells responsible for killing and removing “marked” cancer cells.

Ozone Therapy Weakens Cancer Cells Without Harming the Body

When ozone therapy is coupled with controlled hyperthermia, your body’s immune system receives an additional helping hand in removing cancer cells. Due to the anaerobic nature of all malignant cancer cells, ozone molecules are able to permeate their cell walls easily. Once inside, the ozone severely weakens each cancer cell, paving the way for dendritic cells to kill and remove the already weakened cancer cells.

Unlike conventional chemotherapy, systemic ozone therapy is harmless to healthy cells within your body. This is particularly beneficial in alternative treatments for cancer since, unlike chemotherapy, it is actually your own body that will ultimately kill and remove each cancer cell.

The goal with ozone is to create conditions within each cancer cell that make each cell so weak that it is unable to resist attack from the body’s own dendritic and other specialized immune system cells.

Signal Transduction and Ozone Therapy May be an Achilles’ Heel For Cancer

Signal transduction induced by hyperthermia coupled with ozone therapy may be a virtual Achilles’ heel for cancer. Because the heat and signal transduction induces cellular changes in each cancer cell that not only mark the cell for easier location by the body’s immune system, but also increases the activity of the cells involved in its own destruction, the body will be in a much improved position to fight the battle with cancer even before ozone treatment has begun.

Additionally, when cancer cells are weakened with systemic ozone treatment which easily penetrates cancerous cell walls due to their anaerobic nature, the body’s immune system truly has a fighting chance. Dendritic cells are then able to easily locate the already weakened cells to kill and remove them from the patient’s system.

In short, hyperthermia and ozone therapy are a cancer-fighting duo that work together to detect and fight cancer cells. Hyperthermia makes it easier for the immune system to detect cancer cells, and ozone therapy makes it easier for your body to fight cancer cells. When the two treatments are combined, it’s a win-win!

If you are interested in learning more about hyperthermia and ozone therapy, or you have questions about cancer treatment options, contact Angeles Health today.



  • Angeles Health Cancer Suppression Hyperthermia and Ozone Explanation