Cellular nutrition refers to the concept of providing nutrition to your body at the cellular level, which enables your body to properly perform all functions. Cellular nutrition promotes a strong and healthy body.

 Your cells need vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, trace elements, co-factors, flavonoids, polyphenols, co-enzymes, and more, which it takes from the food you ingest and possibly from supplements.

 Cellular Nutrition is a core principle of the Functional Oncology Program at Angeles Health, but the program goes far beyond just nutrition and dietary recommendations. The programs puts the patient into the center of a focused team comprised of specialists from many disciplines and the team includes a clinical nutritionist. The diet prescribed for the Angeles patients are hypo-allergenic, organic diets.

 Nutritional Support provided includes:

   Ortho-molecular supplementation – A CAM practice that uses diet and supplements to achieve optimal balance in the body to prevent and treat disease

  Amino-Acid IV therapy – IV administration of protein components

  Essential Fatty Acid IV therapy – IV administration of fatty acids, important fuel sources

Following review and adjustments of the nutritional support the team will take the patient through the Detoxification phase, which also helps support proper cellular function.