colorectal cancer couple

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Every year around 140,000 Americans are diagnosed with colorectal cancer, and over 50,000 die as a result of the disease. In fact, of all the cancers that affect both men and women, cancer of the colon or rectum is the second biggest killer in America. Here we find out more about colorectal cancer and how you can reduce your risk of developing the disease.

Who is at Risk?

Most people (around 90%) affected by colorectal cancer are over the age of 50. This is why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encourages over 50s to be screened regularly for the disease. Screening enables doctors to detect disease when a person does not experience any symptoms and can identify precancerous changes (polyps) that can be addressed, helping to prevent cancer from developing.

Reducing Risks

Whilst regular screening is the most effective measure for the prevention and early detection of colorectal cancer, there are other measures that you can take to help prevent colorectal cancer:

  • Try to maintain a healthy weight ; excess weight around the belly is linked to increased colorectal cancer risk
  • Avoid excess alcohol intake
  • Avoid tobacco smoke
  • Increase your physical activity; regular, intense exercise helps prevent a range of cancers, including colorectal cancer.

Symptoms of Colorectal Cancer

As with all chronic disease, the earlier it is diagnosed, the more treatable colorectal cancer is. The precancerous polyps associated with this disease and the cancer itself do not always present symptoms, particularly in the early stages. This is why screening is so important. However, if you notice any of the following symptoms, you should see your doctor:

  • Persistent stomach pains
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • The presence of blood with bowel movements

Alternative Treatment for Colorectal Cancer

The long term survival rates for patients with colorectal cancer are more than doubled for patients who are treated using the Functional Oncology program. At Alternative Cancer Treatment Mexico we treat all types of colorectal cancer, using our unique five step program.

We believe that Westernized methods of food production and transportation are the key causes of most chronic disease, not least colorectal cancer. Everything that we ingest passes through our digestive tracts, with the potential to cause abnormal cell changes along the way. Through our detoxification, nutrition and immune support programs we enable the body to regain its balance, making it better equipped to fight cancer.

For more information about Functional Oncology, or to find out if we can help you to beat cancer, get in touch with us today for a free consultation with one of our US based case managers.