When diagnosed with any type of cancer, we see patients choose one of two paths. Many patients want to stick to the traditional form of treatment and tend to not look elsewhere for alternative options. Patients who choose the other path, usually after not seeing good results from traditional treatment, will look for alternative options. Some of these options may increase the effectiveness of traditional treatment or reduce negative side effects that can occur from traditional treatment. In more extreme cases, people will choose to use alternative treatment options to supplement traditional methods, or even to avoid traditional treatment altogether.

Angeles Functional Oncology offer the best of both worlds. Angeles Functional Oncology has world renown cancer specialists that offer custom care with each case.  Their unparalleled network of care providers allows them to offer the custom care cancer patients want and deserve.

Angeles Functional Oncology recently released a Chemo Support Program that is the perfect example of how they offer the best of both worlds. Their main Oncologist, Dr. Mike Barajas, came up with the program after years of seeing the harsh side effects of chemotherapy and feeling that he was powerless against them. For the past 5 years, he’s been working with specialists all over the world to help offer a protocol that prepares the patients’ body for the internal battle of chemotherapy.

By preparing the patient’s body for chemotherapy, the protocol can reduce and sometimes eliminate chemotherapy side effects. Even for the patients who have been receiving chemo and living the nightmare of its side effects, the protocol can help their bodies respond to the chemo in a more effective and less destructive way.

See all the details about the Angeles Functional Oncology Chemo Support Treatment HERE or watch the video below to see how it works.