cancer treatmentAs we look at the biggest myths surrounding cancer we come to the fourth, and one of the most terrifying myths; the belief of some people that they do not have the right to cancer care. The fact is that regardless of whether you are insured, a known treatment has been approved in your area, or your cancer is considered to be untreatable every single person, of every age and gender from every background SHOULD have access to cancer treatments and services.

The disparity in the cancer treatment options available to different people across different economic circumstances has resulted in a disparity in survival rates across various communities, with the most notable split being between the developed and the developing worlds.

It is not just the cancer treatment programs available, or not available, in a particular area that can make the difference between surviving and not surviving cancer; lack of resources to educate and diagnose patients means that, in poorer areas, cancer outcomes are worse than in richer, developed areas.

Gender difference can affect cancer outcomes too; in some cultures provision for women is poor, particularly in cancer prevention and detection. Over 85% of the 275,000 women who die of cervical cancer each year come from developing countries and these figures are attributed primarily to the lack of resources invested in preventing and detecting cervical cancer, measures that have proven to be successful in the developed world.

Treating Every Patient As An Individual

At Cancer Treatment Mexico we believe in a lot more than every person’s right to receive the best treatment out there; we believe that every single person deserves to be assessed and treated as an individual. Our patients are not statistics; they are unique people. Each patient has developed a condition as the result of a unique set of circumstances. It is our job to assess these circumstances, determine factors that have contributed to a condition, and do our best to remove those factors and provide the patient with the physical, emotional, cellular and immune strength to fight cancer.

This is one of the elements makes our Functional Oncology program so successful, with cancer survival rates higher than those for conventional cancer treatment.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer ovarian cancer or any other form of cancer, contact us today for a no –obligation consultation with one of our US based case managers, because everyone deserves the chance to fight cancer.