476084819IPTLD, also known as IPT or Insulin Potentiated Targeted Low Dose, is a breakthrough cancer treatment that harnesses the ability of chemotherapy drugs to destroy cancer cells without causing the side-effect devastation to healthy cells characteristic of conventional chemotherapy treatment.

Chemotherapy is designed to kill fast-growing cells, like cancer cells. However, the drug can’t tell the difference between cancer cells and other fast-growing cells, such as bone marrow, hair cells and the cells in our intestines. As a result, chemotherapy can cause in hair loss, nausea, and other, potentially fatal side effects as the result of damaged bone marrow cells, such as infection.

IPTLD relies on the greedy nature of cancer cells, which are reliant on glucose to survive. By lowering a patient’s blood sugar levels using insulin, IPTLD starves the cancer cells and encourages the cells to divide, at which point they are at their weakest. At this point, the physician will administer a small dose of chemotherapy. The weak, hungry cancer cells absorb the vast majority of the chemotherapy, whilst the less glucose-dependent cells of the body remain unscathed. In this way IPTLD allows specialist physicians to target even the most aggressive cancer cells, without damaging side effects.

IPTLD As Part of The Functional Oncology Program

Whilst IPTLD is undoubtedly an effective cancer treatment option which is covered for most patients by insurance, some institutions are reluctant to use this breakthrough cancer treatment method. This is because IPTLD leads to less chemotherapy, and fewer drugs lead to less funding and limited profits for pharmaceutical companies. At Alternative Cancer Treatment Mexico our treatment programs are not based on profit, but on survival rates and the most viable treatment option for each individual patient.

IPTLD is fast being recognized as one of the most effective treatment options for people with most types of cancer, including lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer. At Alternative Cancer Treatment Mexico IPTLD is conducted by the world leader and Mexico’s only certified IPTLD practitioner, Dr. Donato Perez.

IPTLD can be conducted as a standalone treatment, or as part of the very successful Functional Oncology Program, depending on the needs of each individual patient, their physical health and the stage and nature of their cancer.

To find out more about IPTLD as part of an program, or to find out if Functional Oncology could help you or someone you love with cancer, get in touch today for a consultation with a qualified, US based case manager.