A quarter of women with invasive breast cancer are HER2 positive, which means that the gene that is in charge of cell production in the breast does not function properly, causing the cancer to grow more quickly, and making the cancer more likely to come back. At Alternative Cancer Mexico we offer a holistic approach to our HER2 Positive treatment.

Our Genes contain codes for millions of functions that happen every day in our bodies without us even knowing about it. Some genes and the protein that they are in charge of producing can affect the behaviour of different types of cancer; they can permanently switch ‘on’ a cell producing switch, or stimulate the production of extra cancer cells.

Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 produces HER2 proteins which help to control the growth, repair and reproduction of healthy cells. In the 25% of women with breast cancer who test positive for HER2 the gene reproduces too quickly, making more copies of itself than are needed. These cells in turn make too many HER2 receptors, causing the breast cells, and the cancer cells, to grow uncontrollably.

The aggressive  nature of breast cancer in patients who are HER2 positive means that patients are less responsive to hormone treatment and other traditional cancer treatment methods, although there are specific treatment programs for Her2 positive patients that have some success.

At Alternative Cancer Mexico our holistic, 6 stage approach to cancer treatment targets every element of an individual’s disease, addressing cell health and growth, the patient’s overall health and targeting the cancer, without the use of chemotherapy. We target cancerous cells through immune support, detoxification, physical and cellular nutrition and heat therapy, optimizing the health of healthy cells whilst starving cancerous cells.

If you would like to know more about how our Functional Oncology program can help to beat your cancer and reverse the effects of the HER2 gene, contact us today for a free consultation.