Getting to know the inner you…

Being a patient within a state-of-the-art hospital creates many benefits for your treatment program.  With instant access to a ground-breaking allopathic approach to cancer treatment, as well as access to medical technology, including special diagnostic tools, blood, stem cell bank and immune lab you will receive a level of treatment and facilities which are not readily available at most centers, let alone clinics.  Your journey at the center begins with an integrative assessment by a multidisciplinary medical team. Doctors will work together with you to establish the parameters of your current medical condition and determine your course of treatment.  Below is a full list of what this integrative assessment will include.

The integrative assessment will include:

  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Diagnostic physical examination
  • Laboratory exams
  • Functional medical assessment
  • Clinical nutrition assessment
  • Clinical psychological assessment
  • Biological dental assessment
  • Internist assessment
  • Specialist assessment

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