For a more potent outcome using food supplementation, Angeles hospital use intravenous therapies on their program. Here are some of the kinds of IV therapies we apply with great success.


Amino acid IV therapy

Amino acids are the molecules that make up the building blocks of proteins. Amino acids are vital in many functions, including energy production, metabolic balance, cellular signaling, the transport and mobilization of waste, immune support and activation and cellular communication. During patients will receive a medically balanced formulation of essential and complementary amino acids administered intravenously. This treatment method ensures all amino acids enter directly into the blood system without the interference of impaired gut absorption due to the presence of disease and/or medicine intake.

Essential fatty acid IV therapy

The focus on weight loss and fat elimination in the Western world has caused an unfortunate embrace of marketing-driven dietary philosophies, such as the concept that the reduction or complete exclusion of all dietary fat is ‘healthy’. The market is therefore flooded with low- and no-fat products that are incorrectly believed to be healthy simply by virtue of their low fat content. The inadequacy in this simplistic solution to healthy eating is the assumption that all dietary fat is equally bad. Many fats are actually essential for our good health. Healthy fats have an important role as they are the building blocks of the cellular membranes. They form an important part of the nerve cell by facilitation nervous conduction or stimuli. The human brain is largely comprised of fats.

Your program will be designed to support and enhance these vital functions through the inclusion of essential fatty acids, which are administered via IV therapy.

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

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