“Dr. Perez was the team leader for my daughter Jessica’s care. Jessica was diagnosed with Small Cell Carcinoma on 4/2/09. Jessica was not expected to survive 6 months. She has been told by her U.S. doctors that there is not much more they can do for her except keep her comfortable.

Angeles Health in Mexico

For 2 years, her U.S. oncologist has been preparing Jessica to die. The visits to the office are very depressing and upsetting. I have to remind her that she is feeling good before she goes in and just because the docs tell her she is near death, does not mean she is.

There was never this attitude with Drs. Perez and Garcia. Since my first contact with our case manager, Giselle, explaining the treatment and helping through the process, their approach was very uplifting, positive and supportive. Jessica was not afraid to see the doctors each day and, in fact, looked forward to their uplifting, supportive visits. She left the hospital using less morphine and feeling better than she had for years. I thank you so much for this.

On Jessica’s return to her oncologist at home, they were surprised that she had not only survived the therapy but, she was thriving! Jessica has now been chemotherapy free for the longest period of time in over 2 years. She is not tumor free, but the tumor is not growing. At her last visit, her morphine was reduced by almost half. For the most part, she only has cancer (in her mind) when she sees the oncologist. I hope the Angeles effect will not disintegrate under the pressure of traditional medicine. Thank you.”