At Angeles hospital your program will approach nutrition from a healing perspective, as  food is used as medicine. As one of our patients you will be “prescribed” a nutrition plan that is based on your unique needs, with special attention being given to identifying and addressing nutritional deficiencies, higher food needs, and allergies, some you may not even be aware of having, as well as your personal preferences for taste and appearance.

various foods

As a patient of the Angeles Functional Oncology treatment program you will benefit from a specially prepared diet that is completely free of chemicals and preservatives. Your diet will be comprised of purely organic whole foods, including organic fruits and vegetables, free range poultry, hormone-free meat and eggs, as well as metal- and mercury-free fish.

Nutritional support

Your diet plan will be developed by the team and will also be subject to a review, refinement and input process that is communicated from the clinical nutritionist to the kitchen and our functionally trained chefs. The final plan is a customized nutrition document that allows the healing to begin.


Your nutritional plan will be full of phytonutrients, antioxidants, probiotics, high quality protein, high fiber, and low glycemic-index carbohydrates, all of which will provide the essential components of a healthy gastrointestinal system that triggers the liver detoxification process, minimising your toxic load.


During disease and illness chronic inflammation can cause an acidic state at the cellular level and produce increased cellular waste. Your program diet will encourage alkalinisation as well as anti-inflammation. This will bring into existence an internal environment that is optimized to fight and overcome disease.

Hypo allergenic diet plan

Each patient diet will exclude known common dietary allergens like gluten and dairy, and will be designed to promote immune tolerance.

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

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