Many of the world’s most difficult, expensive to treat and disabling chronic diseases, including cancer, heart disease, obesity, Type II diabetes, osteoporosis and digestive and autoimmune disorders have been clearly linked to suboptimal nutrition.

Close-up of a person eating salad with a fork

Optimal nutrition builds a solid foundation at the cellular level for a strong and healthy body. Through understanding the relationship between our external environment, such as the food we take in, and our internal environment, the cellular function that is fueled by nutrient absorption, we can achieve the complete, balanced nutrition we need to ensure the harmonious system functioning that is the epitome of good health we are all seeking.

On the Angeles hospital Functional Oncology we use nutrition as our first line of therapeutic defense in fighting cancer. Our program works on restoring nutritive balance as we believe it is the essential first step to promote healing in a body that is stressed by the burden of an invasive chronic disease such as cancer.

In the majority of westernized societies modern food production, processing and transport technologies as well as lifestyle have together created an environment in which convenience and preservation have replaced nutritional content as the most important selection criteria driving food choices. The consequence has been a negative version of “We are what we eat”. This modernization of our food supply chain has undoubtedly caused critical nutritional deficits that at least prevent optimum health, and may even cause or accelerate disease progress.

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Angeles hospital in Tijuana

Angeles hospital in Tijuana