With treating cancer, like with all medicine, we can not make guarantees as cancer presents in an array of forms and with various complications. However, the multi-disciplinary approach put forth by the Functional Oncology Team at Angeles Health has resulted in excellent survival rates compared to traditional treatment methods.

 In fact, survival rates and quality of life are the two best indictors are the two strongest methods to measure success of a treatment and thus success for the patient!  The Functional Oncology program has very positive documented outcomes for patients choosing the alternative treatment approach.

For example, Breast Cancer, one of the most commonly treated cancer groups, shows that those who choose Functional Oncology as their first treatment option (over trying traditional or conventional treatment first) see an astonishing 100% one-year survival rate, compared to a 65% one-year survival rate for those who did choose conventional care. Looking further to the 3-year survival rates for breast cancer patients reveals that conventional treatments yield a 32% survival rate, where as Functional Oncology yields a 75% survival rate.

 Examining another cancer group, such as Ovarian Cancer, reveals the same positive findings for Functional Oncology. For women who choose the Functional Oncology approach to treat ovarian cancer, the survival rate for 1-year was 94% and 75% for 3-years, where as women who choose the conventional treatment had a 62% cancer for 1-year survival and only 31% for 3-year survival.

 Choice in Treatment is always up to the patient, but be sure you know the facts and the outcomes before selecting which treatment is right for you, your life may depend on it!