cancer treatmentAs we look in detail at the four key myths surrounding cancer as listed by World Cancer Day, we look at possibly one of the most worrying cancer myths; the belief that there is nothing you can do about it.

With cancer becoming increasingly common, and estimates that half of us will develop a cancer at some point in our lives, it is maybe not surprising that many people have adopted a fatalistic attitude about the disease.  Scared and confused, we tell ourselves that there is nothing we can do about cancer; we will either get it, or we won’t.

So What Can I Do About Cancer?

We can change cancer’s path. As individuals, as a community and on a policy levels, we could prevent a third of the most common cancers.

Some cancers are caused, in part, by lifestyle factors such as how much we exercise, what we eat, how much we smoke and if we drink too much alcohol.  By introducing policies to raise awareness of these factors that contribute to cancer we can encourage individuals to take personal responsibility for their health.

  • 71% of lung cancer deaths and 22% of cancer deaths are caused by smoking.
  • Alcohol abuse and regular drinking can cause mouth cancer, throat cancer, bowel cancer and breast cancer, as well as liver cancer in women.
  • Obesity , which is on the rise, is linked strongly to bowel cancer, breast cancer and cancers of the oesophagus, gallbladder, kidney, uterus and pancreas.

As individuals, groups, communities and organizations, we CAN do something about cancer. Cancer is not inevitable. It is preventable, but we all need to make the decision to do something about it today. Stop smoking, lose weight, exercise more, and eat better. Small changes could save your life.

At Alternative Cancer Treatment Mexico we believe that Westernized lifestyles contribute to the development of chronic disease.  Our treatment programs are designed to remove the damage-causing toxins from our patients’ bodies and provide nutritional support that will help our patients to achieve optimal cellular health and a strong immune system. In addition, we use innovative, effective methods to help to suppress cancer and help the body to eliminate diseased cells for good.

If you want to find out more about our alternative approach to cancer treatment, get in touch today; it could just save your life.