Cancer remains one of the leading causes of death in America, but survival rates have been increasing in recent years. In addition to a greater focus on early detection and improvements in treatment methods, healthy living also plays an important role in fighting this disease.

There’s a lot of great resources out there on how to adopt a healthy, cancer-preventing lifestyle, but sometimes the best way to digest information is visually. Infographics provide a fun and creative way to learn things through interesting visual design. We’ve rounded up our favorite infographics on the web that provide crucial information on how to stay healthy and fight cancer. Check them out!

How Many?

The American Institute for Cancer Research published an infographic that illustrates how many cancers Americans can prevent through healthy living. In fact, adopting a healthy lifestyle can prevent roughly one-third of the most common cancers. For each type of cancer on the infographic, the percentage and number of cases that can be prevented is shown. More common types of cancer, such as breast cancer, are displayed more prominently than cancers that are more rare. This information provides an encouraging look at how much healthy living can affect the risk of developing cancer.

8 Cancer Fighting Foods


8 Cancer-Fighting Foods to Eat this Holiday

UnityPoint Health, a network of healthcare facilities that includes the John Stoddard Cancer Center, offers an infographic that shows which foods are good to eat while battling cancer. While this infographic includes healthy, cancer-fighting foods to eat during the holidays, these foods can be included in your diet all year round. Although some foods that appear on this infographic are not surprising (like broccoli), others aren’t usually thought of as healthy holiday foods that can fight cancer, such as garlic.


AICR Healthy Kids

Healthy Habits for Lifelong Cancer Prevention

The American Institute for Cancer Research published a detailed infographic that focuses on healthy habits for children to follow. The Healthy Kids infographic shows how eating healthy and staying active helps prevent cancer, as well as other serious diseases. The tips on this infographic are easy for parents to implement, providing them with simple yet effective ways to lower their children’s risk of cancer.

What You Should Know ABout Lung Cancer

What You Should Know About Lung Cancer

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America offer a highly informative infographic on lung cancer. As one of the most common types of cancer in America, lung cancer is associated with several risk factors. This infographic shows what these risk factors are and illustrates what the average person’s chances are of developing this disease. Information on treatment options, as well as tips on lung cancer prevention, are also provided.

Eat This Not That For Breakfast

13 Infographics to Help You Eat Healthier

Lifehack provides several infographics that offer helpful information on healthy eating. From nutritious breakfast options to foods that reduce stress, these infographics cover a wide range of healthy eating topics. Those who are fighting cancer can use these infographics as guides when shopping for groceries, preparing meals at home, and choosing organic foods to eat.

10 Recommendations for Cancer Prevention

10 Recommendations for Cancer Prevention

The American Institute for Cancer Research features an infographic that displays ten ways to prevent cancer. These recommendations are all connected to healthy living, such as moving more and eating a plant-based diet. Those who are fighting cancer are especially encouraged to follow these recommendations once they are cancer-free in order to prevent the recurrence of cancer or the development of other types of cancer.

The Benefits of Sleeping

The Benefits of Sleeping

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have an informative infographic that focuses on sleep as part of healthy living for those with cancer. While eating healthy and exercising are important, getting enough sleep is just as essential. This infographic provides valuable information on the benefits associated with sleep, tips on how to sleep better, and risk factors for sleep problems.

Race For Life

Race for Life

The American Institute for Cancer Research offers an interesting look at how cancer cases and mortality rates compare for different cancers in developed and developing countries. Those in developing countries make up a large percentage of the overall mortality rates for many types of cancer. This infographic breaks the numbers down by cancer type, cases, and mortality rates per populations of 100,000.

Obesity and Cancer

What You Need to Know About Obesity and Cancer

The American Institute for Cancer Research provides an important infographic on the link between obesity and cancer. Since obesity is a risk factor for cancer, it’s important for those who struggle or have struggled with this disease to work on maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise. This infographic contains crucial information on which types of cancer are associated with obesity and how many American are considered obese or overweight.


Stay Informed, Stay Healthy

From eating nutritious foods to exercising and getting plenty of sleep, this collection of infographics provides you with valuable information on healthy living and fighting cancer. Be sure to put this information to good use! Knowledge is a powerful tool to prevent and fight cancer. Follow these tips in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve your chances of success.