Family, including children (7-11) sitting at table in garden, toasting with orange juice and smiling

Here at we are very much concerned with nutrition as it forms an important part of the Functional Oncology we offer. One of our former patients, Sheryl Malin, recently made the point that when discussing the importance of our diet with a friend she found her friend did not really grasp how detrimental a poor diet can be to our health, not just with obesity related conditions but also things like cancer.

We have recently come across this video of a A 5-course dinner with family and friends on the Quail Hollow Farm being raided by The US Health Department.

One of the guests discusses her son’s allergies and how buying organic food has benefited him. Another guest said he lost weight easily after going organic and can no longer stomach non-organic foods. Watch the video for an insight into the importance of paying close attention to what we consume:

Here at Angeles Health we use a number of techniques to treat cancer including cellular nutrition, systemic ozonised hyperthermia and immuno-cell therapies. All our patients receive a carefully crafted treatment program and nutritional schedule specific to their particular state of health and dietary needs. All meals on the Angeles Health Functional Oncology program are organic.

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

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