Finding reliable information on alternative cancer treatments online can be confusing. A simple Google search will turn up endless results for a wide variety of natural therapies. How do you know which blogs are legitimate?

Lucky for you, we’ve done the legwork and compiled a list of ten blogs dedicated to the topic of cancer treatment. Most of these websites focus on alternative cancer treatment, and many are based on the knowledge and experience of cancer survivors who underwent the methods they recommend.

If you’re interested in alternative cancer treatments, these blogs are a great place to start to find more information. As always, be sure to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before pursuing any new treatment.


Green Med Info

Green Med Infois a biomedical research blog focusing on the therapeutic value of natural substances in the treatment and prevention of diseases. Their articles use evidence-based resources to discuss the potential or actual therapeutic benefits of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and food. Green Med Info features many articles that examine alternative care for cancer, including holistic cancer prevention methods.


Chris Beat Cancer

Chris Wark’s health blog, Chris Beat Cancer, springs from his own journey with cancer and his method of beating it with chemo-free therapies. Wark’s website details the specific nutritional and natural therapies he used to treat his cancer, so others seeking alternative cancer treatments can learn from his first-hand experience. The site also serves as a resource for recipes, coaching, books, films, and websites addressing chemo-free cancer treatments. Chris Beat Cancer includes a sign-up opportunity for a free treatment guide for cancer patients.


Crazy. Sexy. Healthy.

Crazy. Sexy. Healthy. is both an informative website and personal blog authored by Kris Carr, a woman who was given 10 years to live with cancer and is still living with it 13 years later. Carr created a documentary about how to love life while living with cancer and how to undergo personal transformation in the face of adversity. The wellness aspect of Crazy. Sexy. Healthy. focuses on non-toxic beauty, healthy eating, and how to seek internal peace and clarity as an important part of your overall wellbeing.

Mesothelioma is a cancer treatment blog focusing specifically on meothelioma, those who suffer with it, and its potential treatments. This blog dives deep into conventional, experimental, and alternative treatments for mesothelioma. It attempts to connect survivors with one another and those currently seeking treatment. Articles on this website address issues such as asbestos exposure and the stages of mesothelioma.


Cancer Compass

The forums at Cancer Compass work to connect those undergoing cancer treatment as well as survivors with one another. Their alternative treatment message board features discussions on topics like acupuncture, massage therapy, mind-body medicine, naturopathic medicine, nutritional therapy, and pain management as they relate to natural cancer treatment. It provides an opportunity for cancer patients to share advice and support.


Green Drink Diaries

Written by a self-described “holistic cancer survivor,” Green Drink Diarieschronicles various approaches of treating cancer with holistic methods. The author shares her personal journey, especially her experience with using the budwig diet, rebounding, and essiac tea as a part of her natural cancer treatment.


The Accidental Amazon

The Accidental Amazon features the story of a breast cancer survivor who shares her thoughts, her ups & downs during treatment, and lays out a road map of her journey toward healing. The site provides numerous resources for breast cancer patients. Since the author believes there is a need for treatments that don’t leave patients debilitated, the resources here focus on being better informed, updating readers on recent research, and developing a better understanding of this complex disease.


Hope 4 Cancer

Hope 4 Cancer is a virtual sharing center where survivors recount their successful, alternative cancer treatments for cancer patients and other survivors. Each story is personal as well as informative and spans a wide range of natural, holistic, and nutritional strategies for treating cancer.


Joan Lunden Breast Cancer Blog

The Joan Lunden Breast Cancer Blog is a platform for journalist Joan Lunden to share her own story about battling breast cancer and to help others do the same. Lunden believes breast cancer patients should be able to learn, share, and find the strength to live an inspired life while beating cancer. The blog focuses on lifestyle topics including caregiving, food, family, health, and beauty.


Christina Cooks

Christina Pirello was diagnosed with late stage acute leukemia and the doctors told her there was nothing they could do to help her fight it. So Pirello took it upon herself to treat her disease with a macrobiotic diet. Currently in remission, she now maintains the blog Christina Cooks where she provides nutritional and diet advice in the hopes that healthier eating will reduce cancer diagnoses.

You Are Not Alone

With so many blogs, resources, and people sharing on the internet, cancer patients and survivors are certainly not alone in their journeys. There are many ways to learn about different types of cancer treatments and to become involved in communities of support. Once you start reading the information provided by these popular blogs, you can be more informed to have discussions with friends, loved ones, and healthcare providers.