Treatable Conditions

At Angeles Hospital, the Functional Oncology Program treats anyone with cancer. The most common cancers that we treat are detailed below but if you or someone you love has a cancer that is not described here please contact us to find out how we can help.

At its core, Functional Oncology works by integrating the best of what is available in both the traditional western medical approach to Oncological patients and natural, holistic fields. Our treatment plans are engineered to put the patient in the center of a team of professional partners in the medical fields of Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Biological Dentistry, Internal Medicine, and Spiritual Psychology.

Our cancer treatment program features a remarkable synergy of treatment modalities, moving beyond conventional approaches to oncological care to combine a focus on cell biology and function with immunotherapy and its environment – a methodology that effectively targets cancer cells while shielding healthy cells from collateral invasion. This integrative approach to cancer treatment results in an intelligently holistic program of care for the patient.